IAWA at the San Gennaro Feast

The upcoming San Gennaro Feast is the largest and most visible annual Italian cultural expression in New York City. The Lt. Joseph Petrosino Lodge, through the auspices of its Chaplain Msgr. Sakano, has been able to host a cultural table during the Feast for the last two years on the block of St. Patrick’s Church on Mulberry Street between Prince Street and Houston Street. The Italian-American Writers Association came to display and sell their books. This year we have the benefit of the table once again and we are expanding it to include additional artists such as musicians, performance artists, actors, singers, graphic artists, and filmmakers. We would like to invite anyone in these artistic areas to join us in presenting our cultural display this year. If you know anyone who is interested, have them contact Bob Agnoli at RdiAngelica@aol.com as soon as possible. No pay, of course. The Feast runs from September 11 through September 21 and the best times for display are weekday evenings and full days on FridaySaturday and Sunday.