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Although we strongly encourage joining IAWA via Paypal, you may send a $40 membership check payable to Italian American Writers Association to:

The Italian American Writers Association
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Please include your email on the check or in a note so that we may add you to our mailing list, and your home address to receive confirmation of your membership!

Thank You for Becoming a Member: The Benefits of Membership

Thank you for becoming an IAWA member and supporting the IAWA community. We are planning a dynamic year of book launches, author meet-ups, panels, a new lineup of workshops, and networking.

We are updating our website, streamlining our payment platform and establishing a new Author Profile Network so members can connect with each other that will be exclusive to IAWA members. As many of you know, membership includes a two-year subscription to Voices of Italian Americana (VIA) for the price of one year, a 10% discount on purchases made through the I AM Books website and similar discounts on Fordham University Press publications.

Last year, we continued our monthly literary reading series in New York and Boston; conducted prose and poetry writing workshops in both venues; participated in the New York Poetry Festival, presented an Author based discussion with Anthony Marra in Boston and ended the year in New York with the Sagra del Libro Social book fair.

Join us in writing community.

Founder and long-time late IAWA president, Professor Robert Viscusi, created the three rules of IAWA: Read each other, Write or be written, Buy our books and we also encourage members to Review each other.